Our Mission

At the Waterside Children's Studio School, our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment where creativity and artistic expression are integral to the academic and emotional success of every child. Through music, drama, visual arts, film, technology, writing, and dance, our rigorous and progressive curriculum will empower ALL of our children to grow academically, creatively and socially. They will acquire the critical thinking, personal integrity and self esteem that go beyond the classroom walls.  As a community, we will take pride and ownership of our school and celebrate all of our accomplishments.

Our Vision

From the moment you enter The Waterside Children’s Studio School, we envision an array of color and celebration of student art. Neighborhood photographs shot by 2nd graders for their community study encompass a section of the lobby.  Family portraits painted and writing from our 1st grades Getting to Know My Family unit adorn the walls of hallway 1.  Outside the kindergarten rooms, Long Ago Dioramas are displayed for all to admire and learn from.  Music floods the hallways from chorus practice and our dance club is working on an African dance routine.  In the computer room, 5th grade students are working on a film about the different cultures of Latin America using the latest technologies.  The 4th graders are hard at work writing and creating their grade’s monthly newsletter for families and the community.  The 3rd grade is working on the play that they are writing about fractions and the Pre-K class is walking into the school from a trip to the local library.  It is just a typical day at the Waterside Children’s Studio School.