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Greetings and Welcome to the Waterside Children's Studio School! 

I am pleased to introduce you to our school where we put children at the center of all we do. At the heart of our mission is to develop our children academically, creatively and socially.   It is my hope that we will work together to foster an atmosphere that promotes a learning community characterized by child centered instruction, academic excellence, trust, respect, ongoing communication, and continuous recognition of our children.

Our teachers and staff will work together to move our children forward in all areas.  Our staff will have constant opportunities to collaborate as a team, attend professional development to ensure best practices and have  ALL the support they need at ALL times.  It is important that the staff at Waterside feel appreciated and know that they are part of a team and a family.  

Only when families are involved can our school soar to great heights.  As the school begins and moves forward, I would like to bring to light the many ways our families can participate in our school.  Attending our schools information sessions and academic workshops, participating in our family arts nights, coming to our ongoing student exhibitions and performances, chaperoning field trips, being part of our monthly class celebrations, volunteering for the parents association and assisting with many activities around the school are just a few things that you can do to make a difference.  Even if you work during the day, there will be opportunities available for you to get involved.  Please feel free to contact our school to get more information.  I will also be more than happy to discuss with you any aspects of family involvement. 

I am excited to have the chance to get to know you as we grow together as a vibrant and thriving school community and family. As the year moves forward, I welcome you to share any of your ideas and suggestions into what you would like to see happen at our school.  Together we can make a real difference in the lives of our children.  Looking forward to September 2009!! 

With warm regards, 
Dana Gerendasi 
School Leader 
Waterside Children’s Studio School